Some of my projects:

kiln - a simple static site generator

astronaut - a Gemini browser for the terminal

go-gemini - a Go library implementing the Gemini protocol


Atom feed

2021-03-06 TLS recommendations for Gemini

2021-02-28 Gemini Specification Proposals

2021-02-21 Publish your Kiln site on Sourcehut pages

2020-12-13 Alpine Linux: Bootstrap networking

2020-12-12 Alpine Linux: Setup with full-disk encryption

2020-09-12 Bootstrapping your online identity

2020-07-11 Profiling Go code

2020-05-28 In favor of reverse domain name notation

2020-05-27 Publish your Netlify site with Sourcehut builds

2018-10-23 Installing Linux on the Acer Chromebook R11