Alpine Linux: Bootstrap networking

2020-12-13 on

Sometimes you might need to install the latest version of Linux to get networking working. But you can't do so without an internet connection. To get around this we'll use Alpine Linux on another machine with an internet connection.

The extended release of Alpine Linux provides commonly used packages so that you can complete the installation process without an internet connection. You can then set up networking after the installation is complete.

The following command downloads linux-edge and its dependencies from the testing repository.

apk fetch -R -X linux-edge

Copy the packages to the target machine and install them.

apk add *.apk

Now the necessary drivers for networking should be installed. Enable networking and reboot.

rc-update add networking

Boot into Linux edge. Log back in and finish setting things up.

rc-service networking restart

You may now delete the linux-lts package.

apk del linux-lts